Our Cloud Services

There are several flavours to cloud services. At 321 Internet, we can assist you with find the right solution for your business.

Private Cloud

A Private cloud is a scalable environment that provides the benefits of the Public Cloud, however the infrastructure is owned by your organisation. Our Private cloud environments are located in Global Switch Sydney. We also provide private secured connectivity to the solutions.


  • Single tenant implementation
  • Owned and operated by you
  • Self service and automation capabilities

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is the most popular model for small organisations wanting to leverage the latest equipment and software at a monthly rental cost, rather than upfront purchase of equipment and software. All servers are virtualised and are accessible over the internet. Typically these products are licensed by Microsoft SPLA which we report and on bill to you monthly.


  • Multi-tenant implementaiton
  • Owned and operated by 321 Internet
  • Data management policies
  • Self service and automation capabilities

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds utilise both on premise infrastructure and Private or Public Cloud infrastructure. By leveraging the best of different technologies, we are able to provide a balance of cost, security and usability.

The flexibility of the Hybrid model allows us to build a solution to suit most business requirements.


  • Combination for Private and one or more public clouds
  • Allows IT Departments to become brokers of services